This is the fourth time that the company awarding scholarships to Polines Students. The ceremony was attended by the management of Kitano Foundation Japan and PT Indonesia Stanley Electric (ISE). Present on this event, Mr. Shinji Jo (Managing Director of the Kitano Foundation), Mr. Makoto Ogawa (President Director of PT ISE), Suwanto (Director of PT ISE) and Heroica Budi (Manager of HRD ISE).

The event was opened by Adhy Purnomo, ST, MT. (Vice Director of Student Affairs for Polines), in Ruang Serba GUna, Polines Campus, Tembalang, Thursday (29/8). Also present were department leaders, lecturers, students and related parties.

Adhy Purnomo, ST, MT, as the Vice Director of Student Affairs for Polines, welcomed the initiative of the industry to support the education process in Indonesia in the form of scholarships for students. "Hopefully this scholarship will encourage students to continue learning," he said. The collaboration between industry and Polines as a higher education institutions will continue to be strengthened so that this synergy could encourage the creation of skilled, competitive and professional graduates. In addition to scholarships, the collaboration will also be in the form of student internships / field practices.

Whereas Mr. Shinji Jo (Managing Director of the Kitano Foundation) in his remarks said the scholarship recipients were students who were chosen and became the hope of the future. "I am very happy to be able to help you all," he said in front of the scholarship recipients.

Furthermore, Mr. Makoto Ogawa as President Director of PT ISE, said that his company is an industry that produces automotive lamps for two-wheeled and four-wheeled vehicle that are used by most automotive industries in Indonesia. There are 37 Polines alumni who have worked at his company at the moment. "We are very open for the best Polines graduates to have a career at PT ISE," he explained. "The presence of Polines graduates helped sustain the company's business," he concluded.