Politeknik Negeri Semarang Director (Polines) Supriyadi, received the 2019 Science and Technology award at the 24th National Technology Awakening Day (Harteknas) in Bali, Wednesday (28/8). The award, called the Widyapadhi Award, was received directly by the Director of Polines from the Minister of Research, Technology and Higher Education (Menristekdikti) Mohamad Nasir.

The Director of Polines, Supriyadi, stated that this achievement was inseparable from the participation of the entire faculty members and staff of Polines, particularly in developing research and community service. "This achievement is expected to be a motivation and  encouragement for continuous improvement to produce innovative products that benefit the community, industry, and development of Indonesia," he added.

Acquiring 1st rank in this Science and Technology Award and Widyapadhi Polytechnic Innovation 2019, sub-category Innovation Management, is a proud achievement for Polines. It is a gift that appreciates achievements in building innovation systems through strengthening policies, institutions, resources, and innovation networks to produce innovative products.

The aim of holding the 2019 Widyapadhi Award, among others, is to encourage the ability of science and technology on higher education institutions followed by the strengthening of national innovation to support the independence and competitiveness of the Indonesian people. Another goal is to build a conducive climate in strengthening and developing innovation as an outreach of science and technology research in the creation and development of value added on commercial, economic and impacting on people's welfare. In addition, it also gives impetus to the perpetrators of innovation (individuals, organizations, institutions) in order to be motivated in realizing creative ideas in the creation of added value, both as individuals and through partnerships and cooperation between elements of innovation.

The complete results of the Widyapadhi Polytechnic & Innovation Award 2019, sub-category Innovation management, as follows: rank 1 Politeknik Negeri Semarang, rank 2 TEDC Polytechnic, and rank 3 Caltex Polytechnic.