DIRECTOR is an organ that carries out the functions of determining non-academic policies and managing Polines (the Regulation of the Minister of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia Number 71 of 2014 concerning Organization and Work Procedures of Politeknik Negeri Semarang).

DIRECTOR as a managing organ consists of:

  1. Director and Deputy Directors;
  2. Divisions;
  3. Departments;
  4. Centers; and
  5. Technical Implementation Units.

The Director has the task of leading the organization of education, research, and community service and fostering educators, education personnel, students, and their relationship with the environment.

In carrying out its duties, the Director carries out functions:

  1. implementation and development of higher education;
  2. conducting research in the context of developing science and technology;
  3. implementation of community service;
  4. implementation of academic community development and its relationship with the environment; and
  5. implementation of administrative service activities.

The authority of the Director is regulated in the Regulation of the Minister of Research, Technology and Higher Education of the Republic of Indonesia Number 45 of 2016 concerning Statutes of Politeknik Negeri Semarang:

  1. prepare statutes and amendments to be proposed to the Minister;
  2. compile and / or change long-term development plans;
  3. compile and / or change the 5 (five) year strategic plan;
  4. compile and / or change the work plan and annual budget (operational plan);
  5. manage education, research, and community service in accordance with the Polines work plan and annual budget;
  6. appoint and / or dismiss Deputy Directors and heads of work units under the Director based on statutory provisions;
  7. impose sanctions on academics and education personnel who violate academic norms, ethics and / or regulations based on Senate recommendations;
  8. impose sanctions on lecturers and education personnel who commit violations in accordance with statutory provisions;
  9. fostering and developing educators and education personnel;
  10. accept, foster, develop, and dismiss students;
  11. manage the budget in accordance with statutory provisions;
  12. organizing a management information system based on reliable information and communication technology that supports the management of higher education, accounting and finance, personnel, student affairs, and alumni;
  13. compile and submit accountability reports on the administration of the three-tridharma of higher education to the Minister;
  14. propose the appointment of professors to the Minister;
  15. fostering and developing relationships with alumni, the Government, regional governments, users of the results of the three tridharma activities of higher education institutions, and the community; and
  16. maintain campus security, safety, health, and order as well as work comfort to ensure the smooth running of the three tridharma activities of the tertiary institution.

The Director in carrying out his duties, functions, and authorities is assisted by the Deputy Directors. The Deputy Directors are below and are responsible to the Director.

Deputy Directors consist of:

  1. Deputy Director of Academic Affairs; has the task of assisting the Director in leading the implementation of education, research, and community service.
  2. Deputy Director of General Affairs and Finance; has the task of assisting the Director in leading the implementation of activities in general administration and finance.
  3. Deputy Director of Student Affairs; has the task of assisting the Director in leading the implementation of activities in the field of student affairs and alumni.
  4. Deputy Director of Planning and Cooperation; has the task of assisting the Director in leading the implementation of activities in the field of planning and cooperation.


The Division is the executing element of Polines which carries out administrative services to all elements in the Polines environment. The Division is headed by a Head who is responsible to the Director and in the execution of daily tasks is coordinated by the Deputy Director in accordance with his area of ​​duty.

The Divisions consist of:

  1. Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, Planning, and Cooperation Division (BAKPK)
  2. General Affairs and Finance Division (BUK)


The Department is an element of academic implementers who are under and accountable to the Director, who has the task of carrying out vocational and / or professional education in one family of scientific and technological disciplines. The Department is led by a Chairperson of the Department who is assisted by a Department Secretary.

A single Department consists of:

  1. Head of Department;
  2. Secretary of Department;
  3. Head of Study Program;
  4. Head of Laboratory / Workshop / Studio; and
  5. Lecturer Functional Group.

The Departments at Politeknik Negeri Semarang:

  1. Department of Civil Engineering
  2. Department of Mechanical Engineering
  3. Department of Electrical Engineering
  4. Department of Accounting
  5. Department of Business Administration


The Center is an academic implementing element under the Director who carries out some of the tasks and functions in the fields of research, community service, quality assurance, and learning development. The center is led by a Head who reports to the Director.

The Center in Semarang State Polytechnic:

  1. Center for Research and Community Service (P3M)
  2. Education Quality Assurance Center (PPMP)
  3. Learning Development Center (PPP)


The Technical Implementation Unit is a supporting element for the implementation of Tridharma Perguruan Tinggi (Three Pillars of Higher Education comprising Education, Research and Community Service) within the Polines environment. The UPT is led by a Head and reports to the Director.

The Technical Implementation Unit in Polines consists of:

  1. Library Unit
  2. Language Unit
  3. Information and Communication Technology Unit
  4. Maintenance and Repair of Educational Facilities Unit
  5. Industrial Relations Unit
  6. International Affairs Unit