Grade: Bachelor of Applied Science (B.App.Sc.)

This study program is aimed to produce competent graduates in Islamic (sharia) banking, noble with high nationalism who will become pioneers and reliable leaders in the Islamic banking industry. The scope of study includes sharia banking system, "fiqh muamalah", fundraising, financing, accounting and audit of Islamic banks as well as other supporting competencies such as soft skills.

In line with the vision, mission, goals, and objectives of this study program, the curriculum is designed to provide a good quality of education to meet the demand of the Islamic banking industry.



Job Opportunities

  1. General and Operational Managers
  2. Financing Managers and Internal Control Head of Sharia Entities
  3. Islamic Banking Staff
  4. Sharia People Loan Banking ("Bank Perkreditan Rakyat Syariah") Staff
  5. Saving-Loan Sharia Entities ("BMT Syariah") Staff
  6. Sharia Financing and Insurance Staff
  7. Sharia Capital Market Industry Staff