This study program is oriented to educate students to become professional building construction executives who prioritize engineering and maintenance management and building improvement, including repair and maintenance of structures, building utilities, interior and exterior work, budget cost calculation aspects, and Occupational Health and Safety (OHS).


Grade: Bachelor of Applied Science (B.App.Sc.) 


  1. Able to act as Site Manager in the process of building construction and maintenance of buildings
  2. Able to pay attention to technical aspects related to the security of construction and environmental aspects
  3. Able to perform planning, execution, supervision of buildings by taking into account administrative requirements and technical requirements related to construction security
  4. Able to solve problems related to building maintenance
  5. Able to carry out quality control work on building execution


Job Opportunities:

  1. Government Officer
  2. Maintenance Engineer
  3. Construction Supervisor
  4. Entrepreneur
  5. Building Maintenance Officer
  6. Site Manager
  7. Building Expert