Grade: Diploma 3 (D3)

This study program educates students to become professionals who are able to perform accounting analysis in many areas such as industry and government. Graduates from this study program are able to perform three activities in accounting, namely identify, record, and report accounting information to stakeholders.

This study program offers an updated curriculum based on the Indonesia National Qualification Framework. Its curriculum consist of general accounting, cost accounting, budgeting, accounting information system, tax accounting, and internal audit.

Laboratory facilities to support the teaching and learning process consist of manual accounting laboratory, computer accounting laboratory, auditing laboratory, computer laboratory, and English laboratory. The company partner of this study program includes PT Prima Cahaya Indobeverage, RSI Sultan Agung, and Public Accounting Firm Idjang Soetikno.


Job Opportunities

  1. Accounting and Finance Staff
  2. Tax Officer
  3. Accounting Information System
  4. Analyst
  5. Accounting Information Programmer