Grade: Bachelor of Applied Science (B.App.Sc.) 

This study program educates students to have the competence to operate, install, repair, and maintenance power plants include Hydroelectric Power Plant (PLTA), Stream Power Plant (PLTU), Diesel Power Plant (PLTD), and Solar Power Plant (PLTS), along with its infrastructure. This study program also prepares qualified human resources to support government programs in the energy supply for remote communities across Indonesia.



  1. Able to operate power plants
  2. Able to plan and manage the operation of power plants
  3. Able to install power plants equipment
  4. Able to repair and maintenance power plants


Job Opportunities:

  1. Mechanical and Electrical Supervisor
  2. Power Plant Machine Manager
  3. Mining Utility Manager
  4. Maintenance and Repair Officer
  5. Technopreneur