Semarang State Polytechnic (Politeknik Negeri Semarang, Polines) is a leading university in Indonesia that focuses on vocational education that develops skill and reasoning in applied science and technology. Polines recognizes the influence of democratization, globalization and the rapid development of information and communication technology which have an impact on the dynamics of change in global environment, social development, economy, attitude, people behavior (business and industry), mindset, values, and national character.

Our motto is "Committed to Quality". Commitment is interpreted as a willingness to realize the goal of the institution in accordance with the up to date ability that must be aligned with attitudes and behavior and prefer the institutional interests than a person or class. Quality is interpreted as a standard that must always be updated because the needs and demands of stakeholders are always changing and dynamic. Quality is intended to motivate the performance of all elements in order to produce the relevance of the quality of graduates in stakeholders.

We do hope Committed to Quality, is not just a motto but can be understood by all elements in Polines to motivate and inspire the realization of Polines Ideals as "Technology and Business Innovation Center": an applied-value base, industry technology, and competitive advantage. Thus, Polines can give a real contribution to the intellectual life of the nation and advancing the welfare and competitiveness of the nation.