Grade: Bachelor of Applied Science (B.App.Sc.) 

This study program educates students to be able to plan and execute production system, do maintenance based on information technology, plan and solve production problems in accordance with the development of the latest technology, produce reliable innovative work and the opportunity to obtain intellectual rights, produce applied scientific work on mechanical engineering, produce machine that benefit the community and have honesty, discipline, independent, responsible, and entrepreneurial vision.



  1. Able to perform production aid engineering (Die, Mold, Jig, and Fixture)
  2. Able to plan and implement production techniques
  3. Able to automate production using the concept of PLC, pneumatic, and hydraulic
  4. Able to do machinery construction using CAD-based
  5. Able to perform analysis and planning of maintenance and repair techniques
  6. Able to perform maintenance and repair information system
  7. Able to perform analysis and planning of energy conversion equipment
  8. Plan and implement the workshop management and technopreneurship


Job Opportunities:

  1. Production Engineer
  2. Production Planner
  3. Machinery Expert
  4. Production Manager
  5. Maintenance and Repair Officer
  6. Technopreneur